The last time Joe Brindley saw his big brother, Kenyon, was in 1941. The younger Brindley recalled Kenyon’s generosity at leaving his siblings his uneaten piece of lemon pie before heading back to his U.S. Army Air Force assignment. While Kenyon regularly wrote letters to his family, those stopped nearly 80 years ago.

Numerous state laws will take effect in 2024, including tax reductions that will save Arkansas families and businesses about $250 million a year.

“It’s hard to make predictions — especially about the future.” — Yogi Berra. I like that quote, which makes sense, if you think about it. One thing that goes along with a new year is the urge to look forward, think ahead — in other words, make predictions. But with the world in such a state of flux — some might call it chaos — right now, it’s hard to make predictions. Especially about the future.

For the New Year The Record asked a handful of our Community Leaders to share their New Year’s Resolutions for 2024. Here’s what they had to say. 

There are two camps of people when it comes to the deer population. Hunters plant food plots of various grasses and brassicas to attract deer. They have deer feeders full of corn, oats, or fantastic …

I’ve resisted saying anything for the longest time, mostly because A) I would never want to offend anyone and B) I sometimes have trouble believing my own eyes, but a recent discussion with a few of the most knowledgeable people in Huntsville gives me confidence to state what must by now be painfully obvious: the mullet is back.

In 2023 the legislature enacted major changes to state laws affecting the operations of public schools and state prisons.

As another year draws to close, news outlets will be highlighting many of the most significant people, places and events of the past year. As we all consider how much has changed in the last twelve months, I also know that the most important stories are the ones that impact us and our families directly. Births and deaths. New adventures. Difficult challenges.

The Record staff has been planning ahead, making sure we keep the news coming to you during the holidays, even when things slow down and our staff takes time off to spend with families. 

A subcommittee of the Legislative Council recommended almost $5.9 million in funding for the Arkansas Fire Training Academy, the primary training ground for firefighters from across the state.

He strutted out onto the basketball court like some kind of wannabe rock star having a bad hair day – green, wrinkled, shaggy, and obviously up to no good. He paused to wreak havoc among some kids standing on the sideline, and that’s when the Huntsville Eagle spotted him. What ensued was a battle in the middle of the court, a battle between absolute good (the Eagle) and, well, let’s just say, some ill-conceived mischief on the Grinch’s part.

Thursday night’s meeting in Green Forest of former growers for Cooks Venture was interesting, to say the least. About 50 such farmers gathered at the Train Depot to try and find a way to “heal,” as coordinator Richard Butterbaugh put it, but also try and get answers to their somewhat bewildering and in many ways shocking situation. Those answers ranged from helpful to puzzling to downright infuriating.

Serving others is a holiday tradition and, I’m proud to say, an Arkansas tradition. This is a great time of year to reflect on our blessings and consider how we can help others who aren’t surrounded by loved ones or experience tough times during the holidays. 

Since the Madison County Record broke the story about the possible redesignation of the Buffalo River, I’ve been swamped with phone calls and questions.

Craighead County residents have recently reported receiving calls from a scammer falsely identifying himself as a law enforcement officer. To make this ruse even more believable, the caller ID spoofs …

The Department of Parks, Heritage and Tourism publishes a report every year on the health of the state’s tourism industry. According to the most recent statistics available, tourism in …

Hard to believe, but the Huntsville Christmas Parade has already come and gone. It seems like only yesterday I was splashing around in a swimming pool trying to avoid the 100-degree heat; now …

When the jackpot approaches a billion dollars a lot of people go out and buy lottery tickets, even though normally they hardly pay any attention to the lottery.

I guess I’ve just always been sensitive about animals. I remember watching a science fiction movie once when I was a little kid, and somebody’s dog got killed in a battle with aliens. The movie was total trash, but the death of the dog had me in tears. I’m pretty sure I cried all night. My parents were sympathetic at first but after about an hour, told me to settle down, it was “only a movie.”

I thoroughly enjoyed the Lighting of the Square on Friday. Having been a resident of Huntsville only for  about four months, I can say that I was again surprised by the togetherness and community spirit shown at a public gathering.

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