Ever heard anyone say they feel “foggy”? I’ve said it myself in the past. Usually, I felt foggy when recovering from the flu, or some other illness. That in-between stage between total illness and a full recovery to my pre-illness state. Some medications have caused me to feel like it as well. 

The covid virus vaccine that has been created for this fall specifically protects against the most recent sub-variants of the Omicron variant, BA.4 and BA.5. The vaccine that was administered previously is the foundation of the current vaccine and has been modified to include the two sub-variants that are currently the dominant cause of the majority of the new cases.

Anyone confused about how we are supposed to conduct ourselves now concerning the virus and its spread? I wouldn’t find it surprising if you answered in the affirmative! 

Wow! I learned “long Covid” has more than 205 individual symptoms as determined in one study. Each of those symptoms affect 10 different organs in our bodies. Those symptoms range from a skin rash to heart palpitations and many more.

President Joseph R. Biden becoming infected with the virus after being vaccinated and boosted should not really surprise anyone for a couple of reasons. First, the latest strains of the virus that are currently circulating widely across the country are causing the recent surges and increase in cases and hospitalizations. Second, he is exposed to many people on a daily basis that could potentially be a carrier and test negative putting anyone they come in contact with at risk of being infected.

President Joe Biden contracting Covid-19 comes as no surprise to me. All the reading I’ve done on the newest variant, BA.5, convinced me that anybody interacting with others is fair game for the virus, vaccinated or not. In other words, if one is venturing outside of their own home, their own personal bubble, they become a potential host for the latest mutation of the Covid-19 virus.

Ever hear that saying, “garbage in, garbage out”? It’s a true statement and applies to many things in life. However, I heard it used the most during my career in the technology industry a few decades ago. It referred to how any data that was entered into a system that was considered garbage, or rather inaccurate data, would produce garbage results, or results that weren’t correct.

BA.5 takes the lead among the Omicron derivatives in the European Union for the cases reported there. Because of this the health professionals there have been encouraging via public campaigns for those age 60 and over.

There’s discussion going on in the medical world about what to do about vaccines going forward. Reports suggest the current supply of the previously approved vaccines is not sufficient to again vaccinate everyone who has previously been vaccinated.

I have found myself wondering if any of our readers are experiencing what has been labeled as “long covid.” While I have not been officially diagnosed as having long covid, I cannot help thinking perhaps the extreme bout of vertigo I experienced was a side effect. And since the onset of that initial severe bout, there have been several rapid onset episodes that pass quickly. Of course, I am no doctor, and cannot say for certain covid caused my vertigo, but the timing for my first ever episode this late in my life seems odd otherwise.

How do you feel about the virus currently? Do you believe we are past the worst of it? Do you think it will continue to be with us much like the flu, now and for always? Do you agree that with the current 100,000 cases per day being reported might be the “new normal”? Some people have a laissez-faire attitude about the virus these days. How about you?

In late May, Pfizer and BioNTech jointly announced their vaccine for children six months to four years old to appear to have an 80 percent effectiveness preventing symptomatic infections.  Their announcement is based upon the early analysis of data from their study. They will complete their submission in advance of the scheduled June 15 review by the Food and Drug Administration.

Have you heard of the “Spanish flu”? The pandemic of 1918 that originated from an H1N1 virus? I have heard it discussed or have read about it several times since Covid-19 became known to us. Much like Covid-19, there was not any consensus on its origination. 

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