A parent of a student who was alledged to have been sexually harassed and assaulted by members of the Huntsville Junior High School basketball team filed a Title IX lawsuit in federal court today alleging that not only did the Huntsville School District know about the harassment and assault but it also failed to take action and properly investigate.
The suit alleges that the then junior high school coach Kaleb Houston was informed by a student and parent as early as October 2020 but Houston did not take action, investigate or call the child abuse hotline as required by law.
Ft. Smith attorney, Joey McCutchen said, "The Huntsville School District had knowledge that these children were being sexually assaulted and did nothing. The investigations and punishments were conducted by people with obvious conflicts of interest. The result was that the perpetrators either received no meaningful punishment or no punishment at all. This creates a hostile educational environment for all students because these perpetrators are now back in school and playing sports like nothing ever happened.”
The Record will continue to update this story as well as have a full story in this coming week’s edition.