As we near the Nov. 3 General Election, I find myself repeating over and over, “You can’t make this s*** up.”

After the vice-presidential debate last week, it seemed more people wanted to discuss the fly on Mike Pence’s head and whether the sitting vice president had a case of pink eye. Or they wanted to slam the Democratic nominee for the job, California Sen. Kamala Harris, for her facial expressions while Pence was speaking.

This year, Americans will choose between incumbent Republican President Donald Trump and his Democratic challenger, former Vice President Joe Biden.

Trump at 74 years of age and Biden at 78, at times, both appear to be frail, both mentally and physically. We better look at the vice presidential candidates more than we usually do.

Also last week, it was announced that the next presidential debate between Trump and Biden set for Thursday would be a virtual one. Trump immediately said he would not “waste my time” in a virtual debate. Then the debate was canceled.

The president continues to recover from contracting Covid-19, though he called it a blessing from God. He insulted more than 210,000 American families when he said the virus was nothing to be afraid of. The death toll continues to climb in this country under his watch.

Many in the medical community believe the recent Rose Garden ceremony to announce Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court is where Trump and others caught the virus. The president said it could have been because he met Gold Star families, those who have lost family members in the service of our country. You know, the same Gold Star families he famously slammed in 2016 because one of them spoke against him at the Democratic National Convention. None of them have tested positive for the virus.

I truly understand there are folks firmly on the side of this president. You see it in the flags flying along Highway 412 or the “train” made of hay bails just south of town. Madison County in 2016 overwhelmingly backed Trump, and will most likely do so again on Nov. 3.

Whatever side you support, get out and vote. Do it by absentee ballot, early vote or on Nov. 3.

The choice between Trump and Biden will come down to several issues, not the very least of which is healthcare. The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear arguments on Nov. 10 about the Affordable Care Act. Many Republicans still hate “Obamacare,” though it has given insurance – with all its flaws – to a reported 20 million people, including yours truly.

Trump wants to eliminate the health insurance, though he’s never said what it would be replaced with. Reducing the cost of one brand of insulin is not insurance, Mr. President. On the other hand, Biden and Harris want to expand the insurance policy.

Trump is firmly on the side of law and order. Biden/Harris are on the side of reforming law enforcement, but they do not want to eliminate it. I want law and order and have always supported those in law enforcement, but I also think reforming some areas of it would be a good thing.

Shortly after the vice presidential debate last week, Trump lashed out at Harris.

“She’s a communist. She’s not a socialist, she’s well beyond a socialist,” he said on Fox Business. Trump said Harris wants to “open up the borders to allow killers and murderers and rapists to pour into our country.”

You can’t make this s*** up.

He twice called Harris, the first woman of color on a major party ticket, a “monster.”

Trump said Biden wouldn’t last two months in office because of his mental and physical problems. The president added, “I’m back because I am a perfect physical specimen and I’m extremely young. And so I’m lucky in that way.”

You can’t make this s*** up.