In an op-ed letter to The New York Times, Michael Ho called out then candidate Donald Trump for saying large scale voter fraud is happening. In a previous op-ed, I addressed the voter fraud impact. So this op-ed I want to address why voter fraud is being minimized factually.

One of the facts, that’s right I said facts, voter fraud minimalist use is the low incidents of convicted voter fraud cases. They are correct. First let’s say the reason voter fraud convictions are so low is because we don’t have many elections, thankfully. Your votes only happen maybe a couple times a year so the chance of fraud happening is not like fraud happening when you write a check or use a credit card which you use almost daily.

Now let me get to the next major reasons why the voter fraud convictions are so low. But first let me try to explain why using a recent big actors movie.

I grew up the son on of a shop steward truck driving teamster. My brother and I attended numerous teamster meetings in the 70’s and 80’s. I can vividly remember listening to my dad and other teamsters who enthusiastically wanted Jimmy Hoffa’s return as teamster president. They wanted Hoffa back and believed they owed their living to Jimmy Hoffa.

Well we all know that didn’t happen and the movie “The Irishman” presented one possible view to what and who was involved in the Hoffa disappearance.

In the movie “The Irishman, Robert De Niro played Frank Sheenhen, a hit man and teamster friend to Jimmy Hoffa. He later is the one that ends Hoffa’s life on orders by the Mob.

But in the beginning, Frank Sheenhen starts out as a truck driver and happens to come to know  mob boss Russel Bufalino. That relationship becomes intertwined with Jimmy Hoffa. But one of the earlier moments in the movie shows how Frank Sheenen manipulating loads to come up delivered but only to be delivered to the mob. He eventually is rightly brought up on charges for theft. But he doesn’t end up with a conviction even though he is obviously guilty. And the judge even admonishes the prosecutor for bringing the charges.

Now let’s turn to voter-fraud-convicted former State Representative Hudson Hallum. He said in a interview basically voter fraud is just the way things are done. Of course voter fraud was occurring but nothing was being done to combat or correct or convict those people committing voter fraud just as nobody was convicted when mob connected truck drivers were “delivering” loads to the mob.

I have mentioned in earlier op-eds that I was a former election commissioner and legislator. My experiences with elections could of been a reality show. Also I spent a considerable time investigating and exposing fraud in elections. There are so many times nobody was ever even questioned by authorities or by partisan appointed election officials. Just like in the movie “The Irishman,” when I brought facts and reasonable questions up I would be admonished and told I was crazy and mean.

Let me give you some examples.

Early vote and Election Day results that could not be reasonably explained.

Mail-in ballot results that could not be reasonably explained, such as in the Hudson Hallum case.

Vote counting by  partisan election commissioners that had possible election result changes in secret meetings with nobody notified. Basically counting votes with nobody around.

State Election taxpayer funded employees campaigning on taxpayer time and misleadingly involved in campaigns that they were taxpayer obligated to stay neutral.

Partisan appointed election officials using taxpayer funded lawyers to protect their decisions.

Legislative hearings where testimony was given that people had moved out of state only to find out they had still been voting.

Open voter registration fraud where voter registration was filled out with peoples names that either didn’t know they were being registered or had already registered.

OK, do you notice where I said partisan and not Democrat? Well that’s because it’s both sides, not just Democrats who have voter fraud problems.

Now why would nothing be done.

Much like in the movie, prosecutors and judges don’t want to be involved in addressing voter fraud. Now it may not be bribe related but more political awareness. The same prosecutors and judges that address election fraud will be prosecuting the same political people that either greatly impact or possibly control whether they are elected. The same people that committed election fraud many times connected to the partisan parties that appoint the partisan election officials.

Now once you understand the larger on the ground scenario you can see why election fraud can occur and never be prosecuted . If election fraud is never prosecuted then you have low election fraud instances.

And again as in my earlier op-ed I point out most of the people involved in our elections are fair and do the best job they can. But also I pointed out how some election fraud is dreadful to our democracy and impacts every decisions made by those elected.

Now if your going, “Bryan all you want to do is complain and not offer solutions,” then stay tuned.

But back to the movie. There is also a scene where the mob, accurately,  colluded with the Kennedys to fix elections with voter fraud. And with the results of the Nixon/Kennedy close election being turned by the fraud that occurred in Illinois that appears to be the case.

But I respectfully ask Michael Ho, when election fraud is never prosecuted or happens, does that not rob everybody of their civil liberties?