Paper, students thanked for recent letters

Dear editor: 

Thanks to The Madison County Record for sharing the March 5, 2020, high school Letters to the Editor regarding smoking, vaping, and tobacco.  My poor WWII War veteran father survived the Philippines Campaign, but his emphysema caused by years of smoking painfully tortured him to death on January 13, 1964. 

I salute Arkansas with laws to protect innocent kids from being trapped in toxic tobacco smoke vehicles. Hopefully, one day soon our Colorado that includes the Boulder Tree Huggers will become sensitive to child and pet abuse by vehicle tobacco smoke.

I hope these high school students will continue writing letters to express their young minds. As a 67-year-old substitute teacher, at a “high needs” middle school, I would like to read their thoughts on video cameras with audio and bullying in their classrooms.

Thanks again teachers and the MCR for sharing.

-Mike Sawyer

Denver, Colo.

Smoking affects your health, those near you 

Dear editor: 

When you choose to smoke you’re not only making a choice that affects your health but the health of those around you as well. Secondhand smoke makes victims out of friends, family and especially young children. Studies show that secondhand smoke is a leading cause of thousands of premature heart diseases and lung cancer deaths. The risk of developing a heart disease is about 25-30 percent higher among those exposed to environmental tobacco smoke. Be wise with who you expose to smoke. It doesn’t just effect you.

-Liz Stelly 

Huntsville High School