Formenek explains plans for Walmart 

Dear editor: 

Recently in The Madison County Record, Danny Thomas, school board president, was quoted as saying, “I’m publicly telling him no.” He was referring to the Walmart space for the CTE facility.

The proposal is to sell part of the Walmart space to the school and use the proceeds to refurbish the entire building for community use at no extra cost to the taxpayer. The goal is to provide adaptable and expandable space in the center of town for the school reusing a perfectly good building with more than sufficient parking.

A building that has been empty for years and because of its size is likely to remain a “black hole” in the center of our town. By relocating and expanding the Wes Fowler Library and providing space for the Genealogical and Historical Society, creating a Madison County Museum, gallery space, GED and adult education, after school, weekend and summer programs for children, community and non-profit meeting rooms, a community lounge and an expanded farmers market, all at no additional cost to the school or taxpayers, it’s a win for the school, the community and all those who suggested the millage. As Janice Smith said in a letter to The Record, “It’s a no-brainer.”

Mr. Thomas commented that the school did not want “to share a building,” something that Harps has been doing with Walmart for decades without any problem. He also stated that “it’s not in our control as much as we would like.”

Since the school would own its own space (like Harps) with separate utilities, they would have total control and the only issue is to work together to produce a new courtyard/entry and facade for the building and to resurface the parking lot.

A school’s mission is to teach children critical thinking; to question, investigate, experiment and develop through creative collaboration and community engagement, new ideas to solve problems that enrich lives.

In discussions with Rob Blackman at the State of Arkansas Division of Public School Facilities, the State has no prohibition of school location next to a grocery selling alcohol in sealed containers and a “shared roof” only requires separate sprinkler systems for separately owned spaces. Harps and Walmart each have their own separate sprinkler systems. Plans need to be reviewed for health, ADA and fire regulation compliance and the departments would welcome submission of a reuse project.

Saying no to the Walmart space for school and community says no to our values of adaptive reuse, says no to keeping our town center vital and says no to our creative potential to get the most benefit from our tax dollars. We’re smart enough not to say no and come together to say yes to repurposing the Walmart.

-Jonathan Formanek


New CTE building the right choice

Dear editor: 

Regarding the CTE building in Huntsville. I believe Huntsville made the right decision on building a new building. I think this is more cost effective in the long run. I think buying part of Walmart would cost them more money in up keep than anything because of it being a old building.

My suggestion for the Walmart building is why don’t the county buy it and make it into a jail cell. They could take and put the dispatch office in the center and then put the cells on each side of it. Cells for both male and female.

Or even Huntsville buy it and make it into a community center or make it into a skating rink. Something for the kids. There are lots of things that building could be used for. But not for CTE building. That’s my opinion.

 -Jeff Scott


Writer says Trump wants grate America

Dear editor: 

Our weekly paper always invites us to express what is on our minds. First, let me say that the editors of the paper are willing to share their views and all others that are presented, even if it goes against the popular view here in the county. Thank you Madison County Record.

We’ve all been told to make America grate again and we are grating against each other politically. Here lately I have noticed a local trash truck emblazoned with the name of the grate one. It seems appropriate that these signs are on a trash truck. 

I would also suggest that the best choice for a red cap might be one from the Kansas City Chiefs or the Arkansas Razorbacks. Be careful how you vote-it might come true.

 -Marvin Jones


Crime rate seems to be on the increase  

Dear editor: 

Some citizens of Madison County have expressed their concern at the rate crime seems to be rising in Madison County, much of which is connected to the drug use; it seems that our officers are arresting more and more suspects with possession of drugs of every type, and the offenders are of all ages, male and female. This leads to other crimes such as theft, burglary, robbery, assault, ect. to support the drug habits, most  are believed to be only drug users when in fact some are dealing drugs daily to the users. 

When they go to court, most are cut loose with a thousand dollar fine and probation, in many cases a dealer will make a thousand dollars in one night dealing. Our officers arrest these drug users and dealers that are released back on the street usually in a couple hours, no fault of the officers but the judge.

It would be a great help to the citizens if we had a 2019 report from our sheriffs office and police department as to how many arrest was made in 2019 in each category like murder, rape, burglary, theft, etc etc. and how many drug dealers arrested and charged in court. This should be to get off their criminal files.

Also, it would be nice if The Record published the name of the judge hearing these monthly cases as these judges do run for office. 

-Herb Marshall 


Student addresses vaping and smoking

Dear editor: 

Vaping and smoking have many negative effects on your heart. Vaping raises blood pressure and spikes adrenaline. This increases your heart rate which makes you more susceptible to a heart attack. Nicotine can lead to hardening of the arterial walls which also leads to the risk of a heart attack.  A new study has found a single episode of vaping changes the cardiovascular health for the worse.

 - Jadelyn Smith

Huntsville High junior

St. Paul students against use of tobacco products  

Dear editor: 

It is getting closer to the time when sweethearts come together to celebrate, well being sweethearts. But there are some that won’t be celebrating. The ones that won’t be celebrating are the ones that use tobacco products. Many people are going to start reading this and probably think they know all of the effects that using tobacco products have on their bodies. But here are some that happen to the body after you quit. One day after quitting lowers heart rate and blood pressure. After two weeks to three months, the blood flow in the body improves. One year lowers the risk of contracting heart disease to half of that of a current smoker. These heart diseases would be stroke, heart failure, heart attack, and aneurysms. After about five to fifteen years of quitting, the risk of having a stroke is lowered so much that it is so close to someone who never used tobacco products. With just that said, if you are one of the sweethearts that use tobacco products, wouldn’t it be better for you and your sweetheart if you were able to live a longer life?

-Ellie Boyd, Emily Burnett, Emily Cousins, Tristen Perry and  Reagan Williams

Saint Paul High School