Over the weekend we learned a resident of Meadowview Health and Rehab had tested positive for COVID-19. Meadowview Medical Director Dr. Travis Embry was forthcoming with information concerning how Meadowview is handling the diagnosis.

He said all employees and all residents were being tested.

That made us wonder about the number of tests that were available and whether Meadowview had enough personal protective equipment that has been in short supply across the country. Because of our federal government’s slow response to taking the virus seriously, the country is lacking in tests and PPE.  

Embry said that they had to scramble to find enough tests for everyone to be tested. All residents had been tested last week and he had plans of having all employees tested by the beginning of this week. Testing is the key and the United States is woefully behind in not only providing tests but making sure those that need a test can get one. 

Kuddos to Meadowview and to Embry for taking care of the facilities’ residents and staff by working hard to obtain the desperately needed tests.

We also asked him about the PPE that is needed while working in nursing homes treating some of the county’s most vulnerable population. He said PPE wasn’t great, but OK. 

He thanked the county residents who have been making and donating masks. No, cloth masks are not the required medical masks that are needed, but Embry said by wearing the cloth masks over the medical masks, the staff at Meadowview is able to reuse medical masks. 

It’s gratifying to see the local community step in and take care of its citizens. 

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This week The Record has good news to share with our readers. We’re announcing the Best of the Best results. Readers were asked to vote for their county favorites in many categories. And, this year, we had more voters than ever before.  

Tallying the votes took weeks with several people counting to tabulate the results. Madison County Record readers are vocal about who their favorites are and we’re happy to share those results with you beginning on page 4B.

Many of these businesses are closed or offering limited services due to COVID-19 and Gov. Asa Hutchinson’s directives implemented to help contain the spread of the novel coronavirus and hopefully flatten the curve. 

We encourage you to support these businesses during this time. Order take out from your favorite restaurants. Order flowers from your favorite florists. Support Madison County by ordering a ribbon from one of our local florists, placing it on your door, and indirectly supporting Meals on Wheels. 

Don’t forget your favorites right now. We want them to be able to fully open back up when our country’s economy does. Shop local. Support your favorite Madison County businesses.