I feel like I have a massive hangover, although I didn’t have one single thing to drink on election night. From what I gather, many others feel the same way.

Nobody in their right mind should have expected final results this past Tuesday as far as who won the presidential election between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Results have never come in that fast, and with millions of more votes in 2020, everyone knew and understood it would take a while. Heck, one election in the 1800s didn’t have final results until February!

Except in election years when there were landslide wins, we’ve never had the luxury of going to bed early knowing who won the presidential election.

And, that’s the beauty of our democracy: every single vote is and should be counted, even if it takes days to do so. I think everyone believes in that theory, except, apparently, the president.

Around 1 a.m. last Wednesday, President Trump held a gathering in the White House to call for the end of voting. He seemed confused between what is voting and what is counting of said votes. He was the only person in America to claim victory for himself.

“We were getting ready for a big celebration. We were winning everything. And all of a sudden it was just called off. This is a fraud on the American public. This is an embarrassment to our country,” Trump said.

No, Mr. President, what you said was an embarrassment.

The way the final winner was determined, indeed, was frustrating on many levels. I don’t understand why North Carolina, on the East Coast, could not count votes as quickly as other states with similar populations. Early voting and absentee voting in 2020 surpassed any election year in history. That was as true in Madison County, Ark., as it was in parts all across this country.

And, despite what Mr. Trump bellowed, that did not mean fraud and the stealing of an election.

Mr. Trump and his many followers were in fine form the day after last week’s election. In one state they gathered and declared “Count the votes,” while in another state his supporters urged, “Stop the votes.”

Let’s be clear: Every single vote legally cast by deadline should be counted, in every county, in every state, in every election. Period.

Mr. Trump and his supporters claimed there was massive fraud, without ever showing proof of such. I heard people claim there were mysteriously hundreds of thousands of Biden votes found in the wee hours of the morning, yet no evidence was ever shown for this. Early votes and absentee votes were counted last in many states.

When the president at 1 a.m. called for vote counting to be stopped, even those in his party were stunned. Former lawmaker Rick Santorum said, “You think you won, that’s great. But the idea of using the word fraud and fraud is being committed by people counting votes is wrong.”  Sen. Marco Rubio said, “taking days to count legally cast votes is NOT fraud.” Sen. Mike Lee of Utah, a conservative ally of Trump, added, “Once again, we have an extremely close presidential election on our hands. It’s best for everyone to step back from the spin and allow the vote counters to do their job.”

I don’t like that it took so long to know the final outcome, but I also knew it was likely to happen considering the historic number of votes cast. And I’m fine with that, no matter the official outcome.