The Madison County Quorum Court will have a different look after next year’s elections.

Incumbents Kenny Thomas and Rick McLoud did not file for re-election.

Thomas will be moving from the area since he accepted a job in Siloam Springs. McLoud said he felt as if his health would not allow him to serve another term.

In Thomas’ District 5, Democrat Travis Dotson and Republican Wendy Petz filed paperwork to seek the position.

In McLoud’s District 3, Democrat Sherri Cozad filed to take over the position.

One name was omitted from last week’s story about the candidates who had filed. Democrat Incumbent Tyler Morgan filed to face Republican Wes Walters for the Constable South Township position.

The JP and constable positions are all two-year terms.

Will Anderson withdrew from the Madison County Quorum Court District 2 race. 

Unopposed election spots and races with candidates from opposing parties will be on the November ballot, while contested races within parties will be in March. If runoffs from the Primary Election are needed, they will be held in November.

• • •

Like others in town, I’ve heard that a grocery chain may be looking to build in Huntsville.

The chain has four letters in its name beginning with an A.

My wife shops the chain in Springdale and just loves it. My mother back when she was able shopped the chain in Missouri. I would love to see it come to Huntsville, but it may or may not ever happen.

Someone who got excited with the prospect wrote to the company. The woman got a message that said, “Unfortunately we don’t have any immediate plans for the Huntsville area, but who knows, maybe down the road!”

Jennifer Thomas, Huntsville planning director, said she has not been approached by the chain nor has anyone submitted a site plan for construction.

• • •

You can find two pages in this week’s paper devoted to the annual youth hunt, where youngsters in the area hit the woods in hopes of killing a deer.

The last time I went deer hunting was at the age of 16, with my grandpa Roy Harrington. I was more of a rabbit, quail or squirrel hunter, but I decided to go deer hunting one Saturday with my grandpa, who I adored.

Grandpa put me at a tree overlooking a small creek and told me to sit and wait. Not the typical thing a 16-year-old boy wants to do, but I minded him. So I sat. And sat. And sat. I held my single-shot shotgun with a slug chambered, just waiting.

It was so bitterly cold that morning. That I remember as if it were yesterday. At one point I think I started to blend reality and fantasy.

At one point I had this delusion of a big deer coming out of the creek up to where I was sitting at the tree. By that time I was nearly frozen to the tree. Grandpa had walked elsewhere to sit and watch.

Suddenly, this huge buck came out of the creek and was standing no more than 10 feet away, looking at this frozen idiot sitting at the base of a tree.

Somehow I was able to raise my gun and click off the safety. When I did, the big buck jumped back down into the creek area.

I stood up and pointed the gun at the deer. I was shaking from the freezing cold, but I managed to settle down a bit. I had never shot at a deer, so I was careful to point to the neck area, thinking if I did hit the buck I wouldn’t harm the meat.

When the shotgun cracked all I saw was bark flying off a tree behind the buck. I had missed under its neck and hit the tree, scattering both bark and the buck, who ran away to leave me alone again, freezing by the tree.

I never wanted to deer hunt again after that experience. I never saw another deer that day, nor did I care at that point.

So, congratulations if your youngster was able to kill a deer this season. If it was their first deer, it will be an event they will remember forever.

Like how I remember a stupid tree in southeast Missouri and what it was like to freeze as I waited for a four-legged visitor.