This opinion piece published in the Oct. 1, 2020, edition of The Record.



My wife and I are both voting by absentee ballots this year. Early voting really isn’t an option for me anymore since I live in Washington County and work here in Madison County. Plus, we both really don’t want to be at a polling site on election day this time around due to Covid-19.

Just a reminder, next Monday, Oct. 5, is the deadline to register to vote in the Nov. 3 General Election.

In Madison County, you can call (479) 738-2747 or visit for details. If your name or address have changed since the last time you voted, you also need to make those changes no later than Oct. 30.

A great website to check your voter registration status is

If you want to vote by absentee ballot, you must apply through the  Madison County Clerk’s office. You can download an application at You can vote as soon as your absentee ballot arrives in the mail.

Due to a high volume of people requesting absentee ballots, you need to request your ballot as soon as possible.

Vote by absentee, vote early or vote on Nov. 3. Which ever way you choose, just vote.

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A member of the Eagles football team’s father died recently. The rest of the team showed incredible compassion and grace last week by attending the man’s funeral in Springdale.

Members of the team wore maroon shirts in unison. They wanted their teammate to know he was a member of the Huntsville Eagles family.

Huntsville High Principal Roxanne Enix posted on Facebook the day of the funeral. She shared a photograph of the team walking into where the funeral was held.

“When you think of Huntsville High School Football, what comes to mind? 

“From today forward, this is one of the many images that will cross my mind. Today I saw what it means to be a team. Today I saw what it means to love and support. 

“Today I saw young men learning what it means to do the right thing.

“Today the entire Senior High Team, Coaches, and Managers showed up in support of their teammate who lost his father this week. 

“I felt my entire body swell with pride as I saw maroon polo shirts sitting in the pews. I felt such overwhelming pride in the football team.

“Education is more than head knowledge. It’s teaching of what it means to be human, social responsibility, compassion, and service. 

“Education is more than head knowledge. Education is a holistic endeavor where we express our commitment to model what it means to be a human, to show compassion, and to express our desires to create young men and women of higher caliber. Today I was reminded of why I, why we, do what we do.

“In a world where teens get a bad rap, here’s a picture of our future, and I’m super proud.”

Head coach Matt Williams said, “We just want the kids to know that playing for Huntsville is about more than just football, or wins and losses. We call ourselves a family and thought it was important to be there for another family member. We want them to know that we really care about them, and want them to feel the same for each other. We really appreciate all the support that you give us.”