Reader happy to see variety of opinions

Dear editor: 

I am writing in response to a letter in last week’s paper from Carol and Mike Tillery.

I agree with the Tillerys that The Record does a good job of covering our county. It features stories important to us and reports news in an unbiased fashion, which is essential, but not easy to do. I, too, applaud that.

My disagreement is with the statement that “Ms. Kreth is out of touch with the people in Madison County if she thinks we want to read this,” referring to an opinion piece by Ms. Kreth. The Tillerys accused Ms. Kreth of personally attacking Kayleigh McEnany, who shared her health story in a speech.

No one can speak for all the people in Madison County, but personally, I WANT to read thoughts from all “sides”. After all, that is what the opinion page of a paper is for.  A newspaper should not welcome only popular reader opinions,  and censor the rest. What a scary thought! A  free press gives facts in news stories and opinions on the editorial page, so that readers are able to decide for themselves what they believe.

Now, more than ever, Americans need to listen to each other, and open their minds to every side of an issue in order to make wise decisions.


-Dena James


Reader sees election as a call to action

Dear editor:  

I fear many Americans are not aware of how important this next election is? If Donald Trump loses and/or the radical left, which fully controls the Democrat party, keeps the House and takes control of the Senate, Constitutional rights will go down the drain – probably forever. After appointing just one U.S. Supreme Court Justice they will be able to overturn laws and make laws that will make it virtually impossible for their damage to be undone, or for them to lose in future elections. 

Whether the godless left agenda comes to fruition in the next few weeks will be determined by GOD and the people’s resolve. God wants his people (Christians) to LOOK TO HIM for guidance and protection. If you have studied the Old Testament and know how God dealt with Israel you understand – you know what I’m saying is true and that it is time for action. First, pray. Second, encourage others to pray. Third, support moral and patriotic candidates (in key positions) like your freedoms, and possibly your life depend on it. Contribute your time and money. The enemies of this country are not just at the gate; many are inside (“plants” and “sleepers”) and they are emboldened by the thought of taking power. We are on the verge of becoming like Venezuela, Cuba, and other countries where the people were deceived into voting for people who made great promises they never intended to keep, and you know how things turned out for them.

Many brave soldiers have sacrificed their lives and limbs to protect this country from what is now a major threat. What a shame it would be to lose our freedoms simply because of unwillingness to sacrifice and take action.  Will God allow this country to be taken over by godless men? Yes, He will, just like He allowed Israel to be taken over by its enemies when they gave up looking to Him for guidance and protection. God has blessed Americans with wealth and freedom, but if taking it away is necessary to get repentance He will do it. Sorrow, grief and suffering can be avoided if we take action immediately.

-Robert Waters


Deputies dedicated to serving the public

Dear editor:

Words of appreciation for the Madison County Sheriff’s Department. I recently observed three deputies in a tense situation which called for a cautious approach.  They performed with professionalism, compassion and calm. I won’t name them.  They know who they are. These deputies made it clear that they were there to help; that their role as cops was to protect and serve.  Admirable behavior. We can take comfort in their dedicated service.

I hear calls to de-fund the police. If this means eliminate law enforcement the idea is absurd. This is no utopia and that will not make it one.  Directing more funds for training in community relations, conflict resolution and mental illness makes sense. Police are being recorded on cell phones and dash-cams overreacting, especially toward people of color.  Would the Kenosha, WI officer have fired 7 shots into the back of a white man wearing a suit?  A person putting on a badge should leave prejudices in the locker. Law enforcement is dangerous and real threats have to be handled accordingly. The goal, however, is protection and service, not confrontation and conflict.  Command structure must demand such and problem cops must be weeded out.

Peaceful demonstration protests are sometimes necessary to shine a spotlight on issues which need addressing. They are constitutionally protected yet should never degenerate into criminal acts of violence and property destruction. This subverts the real message.

It’s a year of wildfire and flood, both of which cause death, destruction, pain and suffering. That is Earth being Earth. Humans can control the wildfire of passion and the flood of self-righteous hostility which can also cause death, destruction, pain and suffering. The last thing we need today is fanning those flames and adding to the flood.

We, People. 

-Jim Frey