Publisher’s attack not a welcome read

Dear editor: 

We are long time residents of Madison County and have for years enjoyed reading the local news about the special people who live here. We depend on your paper to let us know who has died. Our grandson is an avid reader of the logger from Pettigrew who does such a good job writing about his hunting adventures. We loved reading about our dear friend Dr. Roberts who was our dentist for 40 years. We even read the police reports and we appreciate the Madison County police.

Your paper does a good job of reporting the school and sports news so important to Madison County families.

Imagine our disappointment on reading the recent paper that the publisher had to personally attack a woman she does not know, Kayleigh McEnany, who was transparent enough to share her struggles with her health issues. Her biggest offense is that she works for President Trump. Ms. Kreth is “out of touch” with the people in Madison County if she thinks we want to read this.

 -Mike and Carol Tillery


Special Olympics create special kind of bonds

Dear editor: 

As the 50th birthday of Special Olympics approaches, there are many ways that Special Olympics has changed and formed our school and community in the last couple of years.

Special Olympics has bonded students together by introducing them to new opportunities and new people. The bonds that students make with each other go beyond the classroom and Special Olympics competitions. Athletes have the opportunity to learn new skills and work together with their teammates and partners develop leadership skills and lasting friendships.

Our favorite part about Special Olympics is making memories with friends and getting to learn new skills while having fun.

-Students of Huntsville High School Unified Sports