Election key to the future of America

Dear editor: 

I am writing because I am disturbed by the movement in our country to erase our history and destroy the values that our founding fathers built America on.

Our forefathers fought wars to preserve our freedoms. We enjoy more freedoms in our country than anywhere in the world. Does our flag still stand for freedom? Is there nothing worth dying for anymore? Are we still free to work, using our God-given talents to serve our communities and to make our country a better place to live for our families?

We need to elect leaders who will protect our country by funding our police and military and will preserve our freedoms to worship God, to have free speech and to defend our homes and families.

This is an election that will decide if we will have an America.

 -Carol Tillery


Superintendent offers thanks to many

Dear editor: 

I would like to thank the parents, staff, and students of Huntsville School District. We have transitioned back into school with the challenge of Covid-19 and there is not a staff member who hasn’t gone above and beyond in helping keep everyone safe. 

Parents, thank you for helping us keep everyone healthy at school. Please continue to screen your students before sending them to school. If they have a fever, please keep them home. Students have been amazing about wearing their masks. We know this is challenging, but they have been extremely compliant. Students 5th grade and up are required to wear a mask and younger children are highly encouraged. Students of all ages must wear a mask on the bus. 

We are pleased to announce that the USDA has announced a waiver process in which school districts can participate in free lunches and breakfasts through December 31st. All students 18 and under will now eat for free. This also includes virtual students and children under 5. If your child is a virtual learner or under 5 and you would like to participate in this please request meals on the Huntsville School District website under the Virtual Academy tab. Although the meals will be free until December 31st, it is vital that parents still fill out the free and reduced lunch forms. If your child already has money on their lunch account it will be credited for when the waiver ends.

This will have students who do qualify ready for after December 31st and assist Huntsville School District in future funding. 

We are certainly navigating through unprecedented times, but our Eagle pride and Saint pride are strong and we are determined to make it a great year.

 -Audra Kimball

Huntsville School District Superintendent