Variety of opinions brings balance to county

Dear editor:


I too agree with Dena James’ letter of Thursday, Sept 24th.  I think the MC Record does a great job of covering local news as well as including differing points of view.

I think Ellen Kreth’s column (as well as the editorial column) brings a nice balance to our small county.  The world is changing so fast that it’s imperative that we are provided with unbiased and accurate information that will help us in forming our beliefs. It’s very refreshing to see a different slant on a subject matter that has either been overlooked or continued to be rationalized by antiquated beliefs!

I am really enjoying Rhonda Bletsh’s weekly column and we all can see from her writing that she researches her subjects and reports her findings truthfully so that readers are given an unbiased account. She is keeping us current on the Covid-19 situation which unfortunately has been politicized.  Madison County has a large population of elderly citizens who regularly deserve to read this current information in your paper and know that it is reliable.

Lastly, I want to quote a statement that I found on the Internet.  I do not know who to attribute this to, but that’s not the point of me sharing it.  I find it extremely relevant in dealing with what is happening in our world today and it certainly caught my attention.

“Your beliefs don’t make you a free thinker.  The ability to change your beliefs based on new information does!”


- Judy Goodwin


Delaney man offers candidate his support

Dear editor:

Election year is upon us. Tuesday, November 3, 2020 Arkansas will vote alongside the rest of the country. Unfortunately, I suspect many people will stay home. Informed voting is perhaps the most important responsibility we have, as citizens. Please take the time to research all the candidates, for all the elected positions. The Presidential and Congressional races are important, but do not forget to research the positions located further down the ballot. The position for Juvenile Judge is crucial to our community. As many of you know, our Juvenile Justice System is broken. We can fix it. 

I have known Conrad Odom for several years. He is not another Fayetteville Attorney who cannot find Madison County on a map. His law firm has routinely represented many Madison County juveniles and their families. He understands our unique situations. He is passionate about helping our youth. He puts his money where his mouth is, literally. As a volunteer in Scouting, I have had the opportunity to spend countless hours with Conrad. Spending many days and nights of camping, hours of service projects, team instructing, and engaging in opportunities to work with local youth have demonstrated to me his passion to better the lives of others. I have seen first-hand his belief that investing in our youth can and will make a positive impact, increase their potential, and direct them on a path to be successful in academic, social, and behavioral settings.

Conrad Odom has been a practicing attorney in Fayetteville for 28 years and has served his profession as a President of the Washington County Bar Association, a delegate to the Arkansas Bar Association, and appointed to serve on the Arkansas Board of Law Examiners. 

Conrad has served his community as a Board Member of the Fayetteville Education Foundation, The Boys and Girls Club Board of Directors, a Board Member of the Washington County Historical Society, a Member of Rotary Club, a School Board Member for FPS, appointed to the Fayetteville Planning Commission and elected to the Fayetteville City Council. Conrad is actively serving as Scoutmaster of Scout Troop 102 and on the Razorback District Committee. 

Please join me in supporting Conrad Odom for Juvenile Judge November 3, 2020.

Semper Fidelis,

 -Billy Gregory CWO USMC (Ret)

Delaney, AR

Candidate works for the good of others

Dear editor: 

In this polarized environment, all of us are accustomed to hearing blatant lies and misrepresentations, but I was saddened to see this level of ‘dirty politics’ had reached Carroll County.

Opponents of Suzie Bell, candidate for Arkansas House of Representative District 97 (which includes the majority of Carroll County and portions of Madison and Washington counties) must be concerned to face Suzie, a passionate, hardworking and accomplished candidate.

Suzie has a great story to tell. She has consistently worked to improve the lives of others. Seeing a community need, Suzie, along with her husband, Dan Bell, worked with community and religious leaders to establish ECHO Clinic, a free clinic serving over 2,200 patients a year who have no access to health care. Suzie’s skill in building coalitions also helped establish ECHO Village, a non-profit planned affordable housing community. She sees a community problem and gets things done!

Suzie is committed to improving access to health care for Arkansans through the Affordable Care Act. In the legislature, she will introduce tax incentives for communities that build affordable housing. She will support legislation that makes Pre-K available for all children. She will work to protect the beautiful Arkansas environment through support of wind and solar incentives.

She understands the power of community coalitions and is ready to work for the citizens of District 97! Don’t allow whispered lies to fool you.

My maxim is “I’d rather see a sermon than hear one any day.” You can see a sermon of ethics, tolerance and charity through Suzie’s life. She lives her values. I am proud to support her.

 -Janet Corley

Eureka Springs