Witter resident happy
to see dinosaur display

Dear editor: 

Words of thanks to the folks south of Huntsville on Highway 23 who have apparently adopted a dinosaur family. Dinos are interesting creatures; there’s a lot to be learned from them.

This is a family of four and by their apparel and actions I’d guess they are a mother, father, sister and brother. About monthly they celebrate seasons and holidays with costume and clothing appropriate for the occasion.  If you’ve not seen them, consider driving a mile or two south of town to check them out. Kyler, my grandson and I always observe them as we drive by, sometimes pulling over to study them more closely. Ky loves them. How could you not?

The word holiday is probably adapted from holy day, since not all holidays are holy days. The dinos closed out last year with Christmas, an obvious Holy Day. They disappeared for weeks and I feared they had returned to extinction. They reappeared for Valentine’s Day which celebrates Love. Were this practiced by everyone everyday Valentine’s Day would qualify as a Holy Day.

They dressed for St. Patrick’s Day, Patrick being the guy known for driving snakes from Ireland. He’d be useful now as there are numerous snakes loose in the nation.

- Jim Frey


Free Covid-19 tests
are not free at all

Dear editor: 

Boston Mountain had a big add [sic] in last week’s paper soliciting for COVID-19 test.  The message was: “anyone who wants a test” come get, it is free.  But is the test free? Is it in your best interest to be tested?  First, only if you have the symptoms is getting the test is a good idea.  Second, unless things have changed, the tests are not free—the government (tax payers), is paying for them, and they are expensive. Third, if you don’t have the symptoms and just get the test there may be a false positive, which means you will be required to be quarantined as well as those with whom you have been in contact. Fourth, if you get tested you may test positive for something else and wind up with a significant bill.  I don’t know if the “boxed lunch” is contingent upon getting the “free” test or not. If it is, it may be the most expensive lunch you ever ate. 

-Robert Waters