1857 massacre part
of family history

Dear editor: 

 The Mountain Meadows Massacre of 1857.  The wagon train originated in these Ozark hills. Many of us are descended from survivors.  I descend from Captain Alexander Fancher, through his baby daughter Tryphenia Fancher Wilson, as many in Madison County (and across the U.S.) are. 

In 2004 myself and two other direct descendants saw the need for the direct descendants to have a voice in matters relating to this story in our family history. There were two other Mtn. Meadows groups already organized but neither would recognize the direct kin of the victims.  

Distant connections, historians, and kin of the murderers were making decisions about the site, the story, not us. 

If any of you would like input and information about what’s happening regarding the massacre history, email me: pat.norris1502@gmail.com.

Also, visit the Mountain Meadows room at the Carroll County Heritage Center on the Berryville square we created. 

–Pat Norris


President of

Mountain Meadows
Massacre Descendants