Who Are We All
Gonna Vote for


Dear editor: 

 I’ve been thinking about questions like:  “What if we had elected Hillary as Commander in Chief?  With anarchic mobs ready to pour over the White House fence last week, how would she have reacted? Would God have had to work a miracle deliverance like in II Kings 9:30-36?

But instead of Hillary, we elected Trump, and all he did was flex a little bit of our US Military Muscle and overnight everything turned peaceful at every riot scene all across America., as we watched him walk through quiet streets to the national cathedral, raise his Bible, point to the White House, and make a solemn statement about the future of our country.

But now every day it looks increasingly like Biden is going to win the nomination and maybe even the election.  

With two months of a “lame duck” congress, what’s a President to do?  He has a strong military plus 18 million Veterans who have sworn a lifetime commitment to defend the Constitution of the United States against all Enemies, both domestic and foreign.  It is now evident that half the country is hell-bent on destroying the Constitution.  Will he declare a national emergency and go after them?

I think he may be forced to declare the emergency, but will NOT again lock down the whole country.

Instead, I think we will see him flexing a bit of military muscle here and there, as and where needed, to minimize the bloodshed in a Civil War breaking out all over America, which the Prince of Peace will finally win!

This leaves me with just one question:  Who are we all gonna vote for Commander-in-Chief?

Just sayin’.

-Bob Rutz

Steward of Prayer Lake, Owned by the King of Kings, and Protected by both Psalm 92 and the Madison County Sheriff’s Dept.