Rights do not apply on private property

Dear editor: 

To all Karen’s out there screaming and making asses of themselves about wearing masks in businesses let me explain something to you about the law. I have to serve you regardless of color, religion, sexual orientation or handicap but after that it’s my business. I own it and if I want to require no dogs allowed, I can. Or no shirt, no shoes, no service, I can. Or if I require masks to protect my employees and customers, I can. My business does not belong to you or the government. I get to make the decisions regarding my policies and you don’t get a vote.  It is no different than a No Trespassing sign or No Hunting sign on your private property. And it makes no difference what the mayor, governor or government says either way.        What you do else where is your business but your so called rights do not apply on my private property.

Lastly, if you don’t want to abide by my policies in my business I don’t want your business and I have the legal right to refuse you service and have you removed if you make a fuss. Take it elsewhere, please!!!

-Sharon Warren