Effort to be tested much appreciated

Dear editor: 

I would like to thank Nancy Marsh, a board member of the Madison County Medical Group, for writing the grant to pay for free Covid-19 testing in rural Madison County.  Thanks also to Dr. Kendrick and staff from the medical clinic who performed the testing as well as Sabine Schmidt, librarian and Nina Selz for facilitating the testing in St. Paul. 

We were each swab tested for Covid and gave a blood sample to test for anti-bodies.  It was done quickly, efficiently and with very little discomfort.  As to the swab, yes the swab.  That sounded worrisome going into the test; brought visions of being nose roto-rooted up to the eyeballs.  Fortunately, as is so often true, anticipation was worse than the event.  Though my husband, Jim did ask the nurse to let him know if she found any brain cells left up there.   The small swab was slightly uncomfortable and made you feel like sneezing, but it took only a split second.  The staff were friendly, professional, caring and no doubt dedicated.  Though the nurse never did tell Jim if any brain cells were in evidence.  He says he’ll leave it at that.

 In closing I’d say that considering our current situation I highly recommend getting tested.

 -Gayla Frey 


Bad behavior could mean our extinction  

Dear editor: 

Once again thanks to the dinosaur family’s family for assisting their continued appearance south of Huntsville.  Lately we’ve seen them cooling on a yard waterslide and celebrating July 4 with colorful sunglasses and American flags. They still seem to be maintaining a respectful social distance between each other which is prudent at public gatherings such as fireworks displays, music events, worship services, etc. Doing so is actually patriotic since patriots endeavor to protect their country and countrymen from attack. 

We are under attack.  The enemy is there among us.  It kills some, others it makes very sick. You can’t see or hear it coming. You spread it without even knowing you have it.  Keeping a little distance from others and wearing a mask in public is inconvenient. If cancer was infectious would you wear a mask to prevent others from catching that dreaded disease?

Covid-19 is  a dreaded disease, not a hoax. It kills.  Already over 136,000 Americans have died but not from a hoax. As more testing is done case numbers will climb. The more important figures are hospitalizations and deaths. 

Testing gives us a clearer picture of where the disease is and how quickly it is spreading. This is important in fighting this virus. The hoax here is denying that Covid-19 is a serious threat to our country, countrymen and world. When it comes to illness, listen to professionals who have dedicated themselves to health care rather than politicians who are dedicated to the stock market and campaign contributions.  Would you ask a financial advisor about chest pains?

Driving past the dinos I realized they also watch us.  Maybe they observe to see if we fare better than their ancestors or share their fate.  Bad decisions didn’t play a part in the extinction of dinosaurs; but they could in ours.

-Jim Frey