Pandemic should not be politicized

Dear editor: 

A response to Robert Waters’ letter of August 13 regarding Covid-19:

When using statistics to compare two situations, quote stats for both.  In this case you compared Swine flu 2009-2010 to Covid-19 2020, but only gave statistics for Swine flu.  Those numbers, in a one year period were:  Cases 60.8 million (est.), Hospitalizations 274,304, Deaths 12,469.  Covid numbers for 6 months were:  Cases 5,404,000, Hospitalizations 347,664, Deaths 168,000+.

I’ve never been a whiz at math but if you put these figures side by side the only logical conclusion is that Covid-19 hospitalizes and kills on a much greater scale than Swine flu.  These numbers don’t lie.  This is not just a flu or a fraud.

I remember presidencies back to Eisenhower and probably had the flu more than once in each administration.  You got sick and miserable for a week or so, then it was over.  Covid-19 is different.  Look at the stats.  They are not fraudulent since there is no financial gain for reporting Covid deaths.  Medicare does pay 20% more for Covid treatment because that care is so intensive and costly.  This is why ICUs nation wide are so stressed.

Governments can mandate wearing masks.  If they can require wearing clothes in public certainly they can require masks to save lives.  A mask may be inconvenient but stopping the spread of Covid is the only way to control it short of an elusive vaccine being in distribution.

This is not a plot to impose control as never seen in world history.  When the emergency is over masks can come off.  This is not about winning an election.  Don’t politicize this pandemic.

Would you wear a mask if it could save your life?  Should someone else wear a mask if it could save your life?  Let’s not be selfish here, folks.  Lives Matter.

-Jim Frey