It's called Coronavirus, senator

Dear editor: 

So, even after all the discussion about the lameness of calling Coronavirus the “Chinese” virus, and the documented cases of Asian-Americans being assaulted by racist idiots that associate the disease with anyone that looks remotely Asian, you still insist on calling it China Virus in your email to your constituents? 

I don’t suppose there are any Asian-Americans in Arkansas among your constituents that could possibly be threatened by this. Apparently not enough of them for you to make it a consideration before purposely hitting the send button. Why? Because you are well aware that there are plenty of your constituents that are racist idiots and will get a kick out of you standing up to political correctness.

Pretty courageous stuff Senator.

Like the president, you are constitutionally incapable of doing the part of your job that involves representing all of your constituents, not just the ones that voted for you. This speaks to a lack of moral intelligence and moral courage. The founders of the country assumed a basic level of moral intelligence and courage in their drawing up of the Constitution – they were well aware that a civil society depends on it.

But you and your Uncle Donald care nothing, indeed know nothing about such things. 

Yet another act of weakness in your effort to fall in line with the president, however shallow, lame, and stupid the direction might be. Wake up and be better, Senator. I won’t hold my breath.

–Jeffrey Cumpston