Roads and streets in Madison County are covered with snow and temperatures continue to fall, officials said Thursday afternoon.


"City streets are slick and deteriorating as the temperature drops. No major accidents," Huntsville Chief of Police Todd Thomas said around 3 p.m.

The temperature in Huntsville at 3 p.m. was close to zero, with the wind chill near -25 degrees. Strong winds on Friday could create wind chills of close to 40 degrees below zero. Frostbite can happen if skin is exposed for just 20 minutes, according to the American Red Cross.

Madison County Judge Frank Weaver on Thursday said, "County roads are mostly covered. No major issues that I've heard."

Madison County Sheriff Rick Evans said, "There's quite a bit on the roads. No accidents to speak of."

Officials cautioned against driving.


As usual in winter conditions, if you must get out, slow down and give yourself more time to reach your destination.